Mobile marketing at Facebook will beat out Google next year

Google I/O mobile sites

The head of Opera Mediaworks has said that smartphone and tablet based ads from the social network will win. According to the chief exec at Opera Mediaworks, Mahi De Silva, who is also a veteran in mobile marketing and advertising, while Google may still be in the lead when it comes to that channel, that position will change next year when it is overtaken by Facebook. Opera Mediaworks is owned by Opera Software, which is based in Norway and brought in $120 million in revenue last year. This year, Opera…

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Mobile marketing may be led by Twitter next year

Twitter Canada Mobile apps marketing

Fiksu has released its prediction that intent and real time location data will send the social network skywards. The App marketing specialist, Fiksu, has now released its latest predictions about mobile marketing, in which it was forecasted that by the end of 2014, Twitter will be leading the way for social media over that channel. Twitter made two enormous announcements last week, which have kept that network in the spotlight. The first of the two announcements was that it confirmed its intentions for an IPO. The second was that it…

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Social media marketing ad exchange plan may form at Apple

Social media marketing ad exchange

The iPhone manufacturer could be joining into this type of agreement with Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has already entered into this kind of social media marketing and reports are showing that Twitter is seeking to head in the same direction, and now the latest reports are showing that Apple may also be considering this strategy. A newly published report is suggesting that Apple has intentions to launch an ad exchange. The report was published by Business Insider and suggested that this same form of social media marketing could be among…

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Mobile marketing from Facebook could include location tracking

Facebook mobile commerce

The social network is creating an app for smartphones that would track the user’s location. According to two people who have knowledge of the development of a new app at Facebook, the social network will be using a new app for mobile marketing through the use of location tracking, joining in to a rapidly growing trend among smartphone marketers. This new application is scheduled to be unveiled at some point in March of this year. The sources stated that the mobile marketing app is designed to assist users in locating…

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