Is the Facebook mobile app draining iPhone batteries?

iphone 6 mobile app

Users have been complaining that the application is running their devices out of power. Following complaints that the Facebook mobile app is rapidly consuming the power from iPhone, the social network says that it is working on repairing the issues that are behind the problem. That said, Facebook is denying that it is the continual location tracking that is behind the battery drain. The problem that iPhone users have been having with the mobile app is that it not only consumes a lot of battery when the application is open,…

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Mobile marketing from Facebook could include location tracking

Facebook mobile commerce

The social network is creating an app for smartphones that would track the user’s location. According to two people who have knowledge of the development of a new app at Facebook, the social network will be using a new app for mobile marketing through the use of location tracking, joining in to a rapidly growing trend among smartphone marketers. This new application is scheduled to be unveiled at some point in March of this year. The sources stated that the mobile marketing app is designed to assist users in locating…

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