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Picking the right wine just got a little easier

Picking the right wine just got a little easier

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Inspired by the success of their contemporaries, more wineries are flocking to QR codes to boost their mobile marketing power. The codes have been gaining traction with vineyards due to their ability to provide engaging content to consumers. Many are taking advantage of the popularity of social media, using the codes to link to their online profiles and make use of social promotion. Despite some industry leaders initially deeming the codes … Read entire article »

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Providing a unique dining experience is just a scan away!

Mobile technology is beginning to influence the way more businesses function. As technology becomes more advanced, companies have to account for changes trends and expectations. Failing to do so could mean the inability to compete in a field that is becoming more reliant on mobile devices. QR codes, in particular, are becoming a vital marketing tool. While the codes have been used by a number of industries for many years now, the restaurant business has only recently taken to using the codes. Radisson Edwardian, one of the most prestigious hotel groups in the U.K., will be introducing the codes to 11 of their establishments throughout the country. The hotel chain has partnered with I Spy, a digital marketing company, to produce the codes. When scanned, they will resolve to a mobile … Read entire article »

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