QR codes on prescription drug labels now have EU guidelines

prescription qr codes medical

The European Medicines Agency now requires pharmaceutical companies to let them know if they will use barcodes. Pharmaceutical companies are now required to communicate to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) if they have intentions to add QR codes to their various types of drugs and medications, according to new guidelines that have been issued. Quick response codes are making their way onto a growing number of types of packages. The reason that many marketers and packagers are using QR codes as often as they are, is that they are extremely…

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QR codes are being scanned 96 percent more this year

QR Codes Scanning Statistics

The mobile barcodes have taken off among European smartphone owners. A new comScore report has shown that the number of smartphone users in Europe who have scanned QR codes has increased by 96 percent over the same three month period (ending July 2012) in 2011. The research examined the impact and activity of mcommerce overall in the continent. It included the usage of QR codes in the five largest markets in Europe (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy). What it discovered was that three out of every four…

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QR codes scanned by 3.3 million consumers in the United Kingdom

Scan QR Codes Statistics

The second quarter of 2012 showed tremendous popularity for the mobile barcodes. The latest study regarding the QR code scanning behaviors of smartphone users has revealed that the second quarter of this year was a busy one in the United Kingdom. The research indicated that well over 3 million British consumers used their mobile devices for a scan. The survey was conducted by comScore and involved the participation of 15,000 people in the United Kingdom. The results showed that 11.4 percent of the smartphone using population of the country scanned…

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