Mhealth receives support from EU Commission

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The hope is that it will become very helpful part of the treatment of chronic diseases. In a considerable effort to slash health care costs, the E.U. Commission is now placing its support behind the use of eHealth and mHealth technologies and applications, particularly when it comes to their uses for the treatment of chronic illnesses. The European Commissioner for Health has now made a call for an improved use of technology in the sector. The Commissioner, Tonio Borg, is hoping to be able to promote an improved use of…

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Mhealth will play a central role in boosting European healthcare

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The rollout of the new mobile healthcare technology across the countries of the EU could save billions. According to a new GSMA report, a by the year 2017, the newly rolled out mhealth technology throughout the European Union could reduce healthcare costs by as much as €99 billion. This mobile tech stakeholder group produced the findings along with PwC. Savings of this level from mhealth will be exceptionally and increasingly important as populations continue to rise and to age among the E.U. countries, and as the number of people suffering…

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Mhealth glucose meter receives European Union approval


Telcare has announced that its product has been approved for sale and use in the E.U. Telcare, Inc., a diabetes management solutions leader, has just announced that its CE Mark mhealth glucose meter device has received approval in the European Union for sale and use. The smartphone enabled blood glucose meter (BGM) has already been approved by the FDA. In fact, this product was the very first mhealth BGM to receive the clearance of the FDA. The announcement was made just in time for the World Health Conference and Exhibition.…

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