QR codes turn regular smartphone into life saving gadget

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A startup from Boca Raton is using quick response codes to help users in an emergency situation. Following a trip to Louisiana in which a man named C.J. Wilson witnessed a situation in which emergency workers were trying to assist a man who had collapsed but didn’t know what medications he may have been using, a startup was formed for using QR codes to provide first responders with a patient’s medical history. This way, paramedics will be able to scan the barcodes to know what medications a patient is using.…

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QR code used in mhealth program can help save lives

QR Code Mhealth trends

The barcodes are bridging the gap between the real world and digital information for medical personnel. Though there are some critics who still won’t accept that a QR code offer some value to the mobile world, the barcodes have been showing tremendous potential in the Stop Afib program, which is working to save lives. Stop Afib is a program designed to help those with an irregular heartbeat condition. Atrial fibrillation (afib) is the most common among the various forms of irregular heartbeat medical conditions. It places sufferers at a notably…

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