Mobile commerce research identifies behaviors of the wealthy

mobile commerce affluent

A new study from eMarketer has revealed that affluent individuals have specific smartphone based shopping habits. eMarketer has released the result of an in depth analysis of the direction that mobile commerce is taking and, in doing so, it has revealed a considerable amount of insight that pertains specifically to consumers who are among the most affluent. This data, which has been released for free by the firm, is drawing a sizeable amount of attention. The data that that was revealed through the mobile commerce research provided a number of…

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Tablet commerce makes up 62 percent of U.S. mobile this year

tablet commerce trends

As mobile’s role as a whole grows in the United States, specific devices are being found to be important as well. Mobile devices are being used to an increasing degree for online shopping and, according to eMarketer tablet commerce is starting to become very important to both product research and the purchases themselves. The firm recently released its projections for this year and determined that the use of the device is rising. This year, eMarketer feels that mobile shopping will reach 16 percent by the end of the American holiday…

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Mobile commerce sales this year should nearly achieve $42 billion

Mobile Commerce sales

eMarketer has released a report predicting that the transactions in the United States alone will be considerable. Research firm, eMarketer, has released a mobile commerce report that has indicated that transactions through smartphones and tablets across the United States will reach $41.68 billion by the close of 2013. If the firm is correct in its projection, it would mean that there would be an increase of 68.2 percent over 2012. The total that was reached last year was an estimated $28.78 billion. The total online retail sales in the United…

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M-commerce moves forward into the desktop ad spending share

mobile commerce trends

Advertising dollars to target smartphone carrying customers are taking a growing proportion of overall online spending. According to the latest statistics and forecasts from emarketer, m-commerce ad spending is continuing to chip away at the budgets that are being set aside for all online advertising, including desktops. The research has suggested that spending for desktop banners may reach its peak in 2014. The increase in spending for m-commerce channels has, at the same time, started to eat away at the amount of money that is invested into desktop ad formats.…

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