QR codes and “Mystery Skype” teach 4th grade geography

back to school education children wearable technology devices student qr codes

This mobile technology is being implemented as a new tool to help fourth graders to learn. New Castle students in 4th grade at Carrie Downie Elementary School are now using QR codes and Mystery Skype to be able to connect with 63 other classrooms around the globe in order to give them a more authentic geography lesson. It may not be possible to take the kids on field trips around the world, but this might be the next best thing. The children will be talking to other classrooms around the…

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QR codes promote student literacy in Mineola, New York

mobile qr codes in library

The kids have been encouraged to use mobile technology to share their favorite books with others. The Hampton Street School in Mineola, New York, is using QR codes and mobile technology as a part of a greater effort to encourage students to read and to start to discover a wider variety of different kinds of books. The school has now created an interactive recommendation experience based on the scans of quick response codes. The goal of the use of the QR codes is to encourage students to read more and…

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Augmented reality interactive blocks safely combine different elements

augmented reality educational science experiment

Without ever requiring safety gloves or goggles a number of different science experiments can be performed. The latest augmented reality app from Daqri is now being created to allow interested minds to be able to combine various elements from the periodic table in safety and comfort. The Elements 4D Interactive Blocks allow the user to directly interact with the various elements. Each of the blocks has a carving of a different periodic table element. Through the use of the augmented reality app from Daqri, the user can then interact with…

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