Online and mobile commerce record broken by Alibaba’s Singles’ Day

mobile commerce record

More smartphone shoppers than ever took part in the huge bargain purchasing event. The Alibaba Singles’ Day Shopping Festival managed to break online and, especially mobile commerce record figures once again this year. Chinese shoppers used their mobile devices to grab great discounts leaving former records in the dust. The estimated total sales for the event continued to rise until reaching an estimated $19 to $25 billion. The event itself is practically designed to break the mobile commerce record of the year before. It is a combination between a bargain…

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Mobile commerce doubles as traffic spikes on the smallest screens

mobile traffic texting smartphone addiction

A recently released mcommerce report is showing that traffic and shopping is growing fast. The results of a study that was conducted by Wpromote have now been released and are offering some interesting insight into the growth of mobile commerce and of the use of the smartphone and tablet for shopping purposes. The research looked into 35 of the company’s client sites, including a number of different categories. To start, the research showed that mobile web traffic has increased by a tremendous 50 percent over the last year, alone. It…

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Mobile commerce conversions are based on experience

mobile commerce

Improvements to the way that shoppers can use their devices can make all the difference. Although consumers are keen to start taking part in mobile commerce, there are many device users who are still failing to use their smartphones and tablets to actually make a purchase. There have been many guesses as to why mcommerce is failing to live up to its potential. Although security issues have been cited, there have been a number of other theories that are starting to grow about the actual consumer experience, itself. Mobile commerce…

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Tablet commerce is becoming a beloved shopping experience

Tablet Commerce

Consumers not only prefer these devices but are using them entirely differently than their smartphones. Though consumer behavior over smartphone and tablet commerce has already started to be seen as quite different when it comes to the way that they use the devices for retail shopping, recent statistics are starting to provide greater insight into those differences. People who use the larger of the two small screens have very distinct shopping behaviors. When it comes to tablet commerce, BI Intelligence has reported that users are more likely to do a…

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The importance of mobile marketing is gaining traction within small and medium enterprises in the UK

A new marketing study suggests. Whilst many large businesses have been steadily investing in mobile marketing over the last few years, this progression has been much slower with smaller companies. In the study by PB Smart Essentials, it has been suggested that as few as 8% of small and medium enterprises even have a mobile optimised website. A mobile optimised website is a key for encouraging mobile commerce but it appears that smaller businesses are left wondering why (and even how) they should go about creating one. The study aimed…

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