Google local library search results now result from ebook queries

ebook reader Google local library search

The tech giant is making it easier for mobile device users to locate digital copies at nearby libraries. A new Google local library search feature is making it simpler for readers to locate digital copies of the books they want and that can be found nearby. The tech giant announced this week that it has added the new feature and that it will show up in book title results. Searching for books on Google already displays a special book listing separate from the query results. Within the book’s description, a…

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Kobo Aura One for beach reads that safe to splash

Kobo Aura One

This latest e-reader from the brand is thin, large, light-weight and is even water resistant. Kobo has now unveiled the Kobo Aura One, its latest e-reader. This device has a larger screen while being light weight, thin and water resistant. The device will officially launch on September 6, 2016. The Aura One will cost $229 and $249 in the United States and Canada, respectively. The Kobo Aura One e-reader will also launch in a number of other regions. These include the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and…

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