Smart gadgets and wearables could integrate into some city infrastructures

Smart gadgets - Image of a smartwatch

Cities like Dubai that are highly connected could work well with devices such as smartwatches. Smart gadgets and wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers have become extremely popular but are usually considered to be extensions of smartphones in one way or another. That said, some tech experts have been speculating that the connectivity features of these devices could provide considerably greater benefit in cities like Dubai, where future-ready technologies are already being embraced. The idea is that wearing this type of technology could help to further enhance the experience…

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New mobile payments service is coming to Dubai

dubai mobile commerce

New payment solution will help Dubai move toward becoming a cashless society Dubai aims to become a cashless society in the future and will begin focusing on mobile payments. Those with mobile devices will soon begin to take advantage of a new payment solution being developed by Quisk Middle East and Network International. This solution has won the support of the Dubai Smart Government, as well. The new mobile payments solution is expected to be rolled out across Network International’s point-of-sale network in the United Arab Emirates throughout this year.…

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Dubai police will be using augmented reality in the near future

google glass wearable technology

Law enforcement turns to Google Glass to help identify suspected criminals Law enforcement in Dubai are about to get very high-tech. The city’s police will soon be equipped with Google Glass, an upcoming augmented reality device that aims to change the way people see the world around them. The excitement surrounding Glass has diminished somewhat over the past year, but the device aims to be one of the most revolutionary AR headsets in the world, once t is eventually released. AR is gaining traction in the field of law enforcement…

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