Mobile payments move made by Dominos with Google Wallet

Mobile payments App for US Dominos

The pizza chain has now announced that it will be integrating this transaction option into its Android app. This week, Domino’s Pizza announced that it is integrating the Google Wallet mobile payments option into the latest update for its meal ordering app in order to allow customers to be able to use their smartphones to do more when interacting with the company and purchasing their meals. This recent mobile news was released by the company to show that customers can now pay online. The news release shows that the choice…

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Domino’s Pizza uses augmented reality offers to boost food sales

Augmented Reality Advertising

Domino’s Pizza, which has already been testing the waters of mobile marketing for some time now, has started a new campaign that includes the use of augmented reality, to add a whole new dimension to its latest 555 pizza offer. To be able to offer smartphone users the augmented reality experience, Domino’s used the Blippar app. It is now available on posters at over 6,000 locations across the U.K. According to the Domino’s Pizza multimedia manager, Nick Dutch, the new 6-sheet posters let the company advertise their 555 deal, as…

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Forrester names some of the top brands for their mobile experiences

Mobile Commerce Industry

Though mobile does allow smartphone and tablet users access to the web, mobile has a great deal more to it than that, as it provides companies and brands with the chance to build next-generation experiences for consumers and add to the potential for convenience. Brands are able to engage their clients and form deep relationships that will continue over the long-term, assuming that they have performed in an innovative and contextual manner that uses the power of the technology to develop the type of experience that the user will find…

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Domino’s QR Code delivered in 2 seconds or it’s free!

QR codes are a strong promotional tool for many businesses the world over. Though they are big in Japan, they are still new and exotic to western societies. That unfamiliarity is part of what draws a crowd to QR codes. They have been seeing use in various industries and are now coming to Domino’s in the United Kingdom as part of their latest campaign. Domino’s has used QR codes before in a promotional flyer during the college football season and had experienced favorable results. This time around, Domino’s will be…

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