Aurasma augmented reality application aims to inject some practicality into the industry

Aurasma AR App

Aurasma, an augmented reality development company, has developed a new AR feature that brings a bit of practicality to the technology. Augmented reality has long existed as a novelty that has been used by the marketing industry as a way to catch the attention of consumers. As the technology grew in popularity, this trend continued. Now, Aurasma is looking to prove that augmented reality has very practical uses, and has focused its sights on the do-it-yourself market. The company has developed a new augmented reality application for Apple and Android…

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AT&T provides small and medium companies with mobile multimedia marketing solution

AT&T mobile security technology news

AT&T is offering small and medium businesses a new Messaging Toolkit, which allows them to offer their customers real-time special offers, promotions, and product updates that can help them to bring their companies to the next level. The toolkit gives these companies the opportunity to take advantage of multimedia mobile marketing solutions in a do-it-yourself format which can be accessed from a web-based cloud platform that is simple for them to use. The Messaging Toolkit by AT&T has everything that a small or medium size business needs to implement a…

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New service provides businesses with tools for DIY smartphone apps

Mobile App Builder

Action App Corporation subsidiary, Andiamo Corporation, has unveiled a new service that will make it easier for companies to build feature-rich smartphone apps that can be used for effective mobile marketing. These apps will include the ability to use SMS text marketing – unlimited at no additional cost –and will add the business icon directly onto the handset of the user in order to drive awareness. ANDI CEO, Dustin Secor, said that every business that has a site now faces the responsibility of making that information available in a mobile-friendly…

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New app to help renters with QR Code scanning

It can be difficult to find apartments in a big city. It can be even more difficult to find an affordable one. As mobile technology progresses and becomes increasingly embedded into people’s lives, new methods for apartment hunting are cropping up. Habitat Hunters, a real estate service provider for Austin, Texas, has long aided apartment seekers in their efforts. Now, they are adopting QR codes to better serve a new generation of clients that can’t seem to put their phones down. Habitat Hunters was the first real estate and apartment…

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