Mobile technology use has been linked to 20 Northern Ireland road deaths

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Using these phones while behind the wheel has been either directly or indirectly connected with the fatalities. According to newly released data, the use of mobile technology by drivers while they are behind the wheel or by pedestrians who aren’t paying attention has now been directly or indirectly linked to being the cause of 20 road deaths in Northern Ireland. This is a terrifying figure, as it represents about 5 percent of all road fatalities over the last half decade. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is now warning…

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Mobile trends show drivers use smartphones for many reasons behind the wheel

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Research has shown that these devices are being used for selfies, video chatting, texting, social media, and a lot more. Law enforcement across the country has been trying everything that they can to try to convince drivers that the mobile trends associated with increased use of smartphones while behind the wheel is exceptionally dangerous to both the occupants of the vehicle as well as people and property around them, but according to a new survey, this isn’t really getting through to many device owners. Moreover, the AT&T survey has shown…

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Mobile technology use is still placing drivers in danger

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A recent survey has revealed that Canadians are continuing to drive while using their smartphones. Despite the fact that the majority of Canadian provinces and territories have put regulations into place that limits or bans the use of mobile technology such as smartphones while driving, a recent survey has shown that many motorists within the country continue this dangerous practice. The survey determined that smartphones and other electronic devices were being used while behind the wheel. This use of mobile technology has been proven by a broad spectrum of different…

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