Disney patent details new augmented reality system

Augmented Reality Cakes

Disney showing more interest in augmented reality Disney is, once again, showing its keen interest in augmented reality technology. A recent patent application from the acclaimed company has been released, detailing Disney’s new augmented reality initiative, which targets food as a major platform. According to the patent, Disney aims to paint interactive movies and imagery on edible products, making consumption a more engaging activity for anyone using the system. Such a system could transform events, such as birthdays, into more dynamic spectacles. New augmented reality system would be based on…

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Augmented reality skin could change the way people feel the world

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Augmented reality touch continues to be a subject of research and development Disney Research shook the technology world with its augmented reality tactile system called REVEL, but it is not the only one experimenting with how technology could be used to provide people with new sensations. Mimicking the sense of touch has been a popular subject in the world of science for some time. Small circuits that are capable of stimulating the sense of touch are already widely used in some medical fields. Many of these circuits are affixed to…

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REVEL takes augmented reality beyond the realm of sight

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Researchers develop augmented reality system that influences touch Augmented reality has caught the attention of Disney. Researchers at Disney Research have been experimenting with the technology recently, looking for ways to manipulate it and discover how it can be used. Augmented reality is well known for its ability to change the way people see the world, but Disney researchers believe that the technology could also change the way people feel the world. Researchers have developed a new augmented reality system called REVEL. The system makes it possible to feel a variety…

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