Mobile payments are the largest change to retail in a half century

Mobile Payments

Industry experts are calling smartphones the biggest industry revolution since the credit card. When examining the mobile payments world, it is now being said that the revolution it has brought along with it for retail is comparable to that which was seen in 1958 when the first Visa was introduced by Bank of America in the form of the BankAmericard. Smartphones now offer a widespread transaction method that consumers can use on a mainstream basis. Just as credit cards are now vital to today retail marketplace, regardless of the status…

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Amex makes large step into making its digital wallet international


American Express has announced that it will be making an important move to widen the reach of its digital wallet, Serve, into the international marketplace. This move makes Amex the first credit card company to launch a global partnership for the digital wallet with Lianlian Group, one of the top mobile payments providers in China. Furthermore, American Express has also invested $125 million in equity into Lianlian Pay. The Serve digital wallet is an integration of a number of different types of payment option into one account for the user,…

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Visa unveils plans for a mobile wallet to be released far before Google’s offering

Visa Mobile Payments News

  Visa is entering the mobile commerce arena with its recently unveiled plans to develop a mobile wallet to compete with Google’s offering. Visa, the global payments technology powerhouse, is joining the growing number of tech and financial companies pushing the world toward a cashless society. Visa’s payment platform will make use of NFC technology, as is the norm for such endeavors, but the company seems to have been developing their mobile wallet for some time. Despite only recently revealing their plans to release such a product, Visa has announced…

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Google Wallet claims to be safer than traditional payment methods

Google Wallet

Digital wallets are becoming more popular amongst the tech-savvy. The idea is to store all of your financial data on your smart phone or other mobile device. Using NFC, you can make payments with a wave of your device. The concept seems to have an inherent danger, as anyone could steal the phone like they would steal a credit card. However, several financial and mobile security experts say that digital wallets are actually safer than physical ones. This may be good news for Google as the company begins to release…

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