Russia is an emerging e-commerce market

Russia Mobile apps e-Commerce

Report highlights the potential of Russia as a major market for online retailers Russia may be the next place for an e-commerce boom. A new report from yStats shows that online sales in Russia are growing at a fast pace. Consumers throughout the country are beginning to shop more online than they have in the past few years and as consumers become more reliant on mobile technology, large retailers are beginning to take notice. In the coming years, Russia may become one of the world’s leading e-commerce markets. Russian digital…

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Yahoo re-launches its e-commerce service

yahoo mobile app

Yahoo Stores is being re-launched in order to help the company find a footing in the digital retail space Yahoo has announced that it will be re-launching its beleaguered e-commerce platform, called Yahoo Stores. The platform had served as a way for the company to connect with digital consumers and businesses, providing them with a way to shop online. Unfortunately, the platform found it difficult to compete with others being offered by companies like Amazon and eBay and eventually fell to obsolescence. The new Yahoo Stores system is adopting a…

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Mobile commerce revenue to spike in the next four years

UK mobile commerce - Woman with shopping bags on mobile

Mobile Internet revenue is on the rise and will reach new heights by 2017 A new report released by Digi-Capital predicts that mobile Internet revenue could reach new heights in the coming years. More people throughout the world are gaining access to the mobile Internet, and they are using this access for a wide variety of activities. Mobile gaming, shopping, and similar activities are becoming more commonplace among consumers, and this also means that people are beginning to spend more money online than they have done in the past. Report…

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German consumers may be ready to embrace mobile payments

Mobile Payments adoption by women

Mobile commerce is beginning to grow in popularity in Germany Yapital, a payments processor based in Germany, has released the results of a new survey conducted on its behalf by TNS Infratest. The survey has gauged the interest that German consumers have in mobile payments. Many consumers have been relying more heavily on their smartphones recently, using these devices to conduct their daily lives more efficiently. As smartphone adoption continues to grow, people are becoming more interested in the concept of mobile commerce. Survey shows that many people are willing…

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