Shopify digital commerce firm makes permanent shift to work-from-home

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CEO announces the intention to default to working from home even when offices reopen. The Shopify digital commerce company, the most valuable firm in Canada, announced through a tweet from its CEO that it would be “digital by default” moving forward. By this, he meant that even after offices in the locked down country reopen, it plans to keep as many of its employees working from home as possible. At the same time, despite the federal or provincial rulings, it is keeping offices closed until 2021. CEO of the Shopify…

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PayPal sees a future in mobile payments

Paypal Mobile Payments

New CEO aims to make PayPal more mobile PayPal has big plans for the future, especially when it comes to mobile payments. A new CEO is coming to the company in Dan Schulman, who wants PayPal to become much more than a simple third party in the commerce space. In the future, PayPal may introduce an operating system that is designed with digital commerce in mind. The company aims to become a much more powerful force in the finance industry, where mobile is beginning to play a more prominent role.…

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PayPal is trying to make e-commerce easier

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Mobile service from PayPal app is coming to the web PayPal is bringing one of the most popular features of its mobile app to the web. Those using the PayPal mobile app have the ability to make “one-touch” payments, no matter what kind of mobile device they are using. This feature means that people only have to log-in to their PayPal account in order to make a transaction, even if they are making use of different applications at the time. This has become a well favored feature among consumers. One-touch…

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E-commerce platform Shopify prepares to launch IPO

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Shopify has announces plans to launch IPO on New York Stock Exchange Shopify, an e-commerce platform based in Canada, has announced its plans to become a public company. The organization aims to raise some $100 million through an initial public offering (IPO) with the list name “SHOP” on the New York Stock Exchange. Shopify has release information concerning its operations ahead of the IPO, hoping that this information will generate some hype behind the company’s entry into the stock market. Shopify provides information concerning growth over recent years According to…

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E-commerce set to boom in Canada, but not for domestic retailers

Canada Post e-commerce

Digital commerce is growing as consumers begin to shop online more regularly E-commerce may be set for a boom in Canada. Forrester Research has released a new report that shines a spotlight on the potential growth of digital commerce during the holiday season. Canada has been somewhat sluggish when it comes to e-commerce, with many of the country’s retailers showing only modest interest in engaging mobile and digital consumers. In Canada, only 6% of all retail sales are made online, but a growing number of Canadians are beginning to show…

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