Global mobile commerce market to boom in the next three years

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Report predicts that mobile commerce market will reach $850 billion by 2018 A new report from Digi-Capital predicts that the global mobile commerce market will explode to $850 billion by 2018. Asia is expected to become a prominent player in the market, accounting for nearly half of the predicted mobile revenue that will be generated within the eastern region. Growing smartphone ownership is contributing to the growth of the mobile commerce market. Consumers are becoming comfortable with the idea of shopping for and purchasing products with their mobile devices, which…

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Virtual and augmented reality market is poised for growth

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Report shows that the market for interactive technologies is accelerating Digi-Capital has released a report concerning the virtual and augmented reality market. These technologies are becoming more prominent throughout the world, with consumers showing a great deal of interest in software that can, quite literally, change the way they see and experience the world around them. Recently, augmented reality has experienced renewed support from companies like Google, which has invested $542 million into Magic Leap, a company specializing in mobile augmented reality. Virtual and augmented reality market to reach $150…

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Mobile commerce is thriving due to investments

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Report showcases the power that investors have in growing the mobile space Digi-Capital has released an analysis of the mobile Internet and how mobile commerce has risen to fame. The company’s report highlights the high hopes that investors have in the mobile space, as well as the fears that have influenced their investment decisions. Notably, the report shows that mobile commerce has swelled as a result of the hopes and fears of investors, many of whom see the mobile Internet as the future of business. $32 billion in investments made…

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Mobile commerce investments to continue growing in 2015

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Mobile payments sector continues to experience strong growth, especially in terms of investments The past year represented a major tipping point for the mobile commerce sector. More people than ever before began to use their mobile devices to shop online and purchase products in physical stores. More retailers began to accept mobile transactions and investments being made into the mobile commerce space grew significantly. This year, much of the momentum that was generated for this sector in 2014 is likely to carry on, leading the mobile commerce space to greater…

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Mobile commerce revenue to spike in the next four years

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Mobile Internet revenue is on the rise and will reach new heights by 2017 A new report released by Digi-Capital predicts that mobile Internet revenue could reach new heights in the coming years. More people throughout the world are gaining access to the mobile Internet, and they are using this access for a wide variety of activities. Mobile gaming, shopping, and similar activities are becoming more commonplace among consumers, and this also means that people are beginning to spend more money online than they have done in the past. Report…

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