Scientists learn useful data for fighting dementia from Sea Hero Quest players

Sea Hero Quest - Dimentia Research

Researchers have uncovered some interesting findings after analyzing player game data. Sea Hero Quest is much more than a simple free mobile game for iOS and Android. It is actually a scientific experiment that was developed to help scientists fight dementia. Initially launched in the spring of 2016, the game has since collected anonymous data from millions of players worldwide. Researchers have studied specific collected data and have now learned some interesting facts like men have better navigational skills than women and navigation abilities decline across adulthood. Researchers assessed data…

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Mozido to help launch a new mobile commerce platform

global phone mobile payments commerce

Mozido teams with Telekom Germany to launch MyWallet 2.0 Mozido, a leading provider of payment solutions, has announced that it will be working with Telekom Germany to launch a new mobile wallet platform, called MyWallet 2.0. The mobile wallet is coming from Deutsche Telekom and will support mobile payments and include advertising and loyalty features. The mobile commerce space in Europe is growing quickly, with more consumers using their smartphones and tablets to purchase products. This has lead to an aggressive rise in the demand for mobile wallet services. Mobile…

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Mobile commerce initiative launched in Europe from MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom

NFC Technology mobile commerce

Partnership to bring NFC products to 93 million consumers in Europe MasterCard has teamed with Deutsche Telekom, the largest telecommunications company in Europe, to bring NFC mobile payment products to more than 93 million consumers in the region. Demand for mobile commerce has been on the rise in Europe for some time. The availability of NFC-enabled devices is growing, providing consumers with more chances to conduct mobile payments for goods and services. In an effort to meet this demand and provide consumers with more access to mobile payment systems, MasterCard…

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NFC technology in need of rebranding, according to Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom

NFC technology continues to grab attention from companies and consumers around the world Mobile commerce has managed to gain a great deal of momentum in the relatively short time it has existed. The concept of mobile commerce has transcended into its own full-fledged industry, drawing the attention of large companies like Google, Apple, and others. The development of the industry has relied heavily of NFC technology, which can turn nearly any smart phone into a mobile payment platform. The technology itself has been a subject of interest among telecommunications companies,…

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European Commission launches lengthy probe into cell phone operators’ mobile payment service bid

UK mobile commerce

The European Commission has announced its decision to launch an extensive antitrust investigation – which will probably continue until the end of August – into the joint mobile payment venture of the largest mobile phone operators in Britain. This probe is in response to concerns that had been raised over its ability to hold back innovation. It is believed that the investigation will deal a sizeable blow to the hopes of the operators to gain rapid approval and adoption for its advertising and mobile payment systems which had been labeled…

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Groupon partners with Deutsche Telekom to boost European local commerce business


Groupon has entered into a strategic partnership with the largest multi-national carrier in Europe, Deutche Telekom, to accelerate the already rapid growth of local commerce through both online and mobile commerce channels. This deal will make Groupon’s popular local commerce deals more widely available in a number of European countries that are in the network of the carrier. This partnership represents Groupon’s first deal with a multi-national service provider that allows it to offer its services and products throughout a broad international network. Furthermore, it notably widens the position of…

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