FBI and DoD were actively involved in facial recognition development

Facial recognition - Technology used on woman

The software used in everything from street cameras to drones was developed in part by the Pentagon. Internal documents made public due to a lawsuit response have shown that the US government was profoundly involved in the research and development of facial recognition software they were hoping to use for mass surveillance. The FBI and Defense Department were actively involved in R&D to help identify people from footage. According to the documents, the FBI and Department of Defense were actively involved in facial recognition software research and development in the…

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Wearable tech adds smart gloves to its growing category

gecko gloves wearable tech

Soldiers can use these new enhanced accessories to be able to scale vertical walls. The idea of wearable tech in the form of smart gloves that would adhere to walls has been around in the science fiction, fantasy, and comic book genres for some time now, but it is only just recently that these devices in the form of clothing have been brought into the realm of reality. In fact, these so called “Gecko gloves” could soon be a tool used by DARPA. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency…

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Innovega pushing the boundaries of augmented reality

Augmented Reality Glasses Sample

Innovega could deliver on promise made by Google The hype surrounding augmented reality has yet to die down, at least in regards to the technology’s use in applications and for entertainment. Wearable augmented reality systems, on the other hand, have lost some of the appeal they had with consumers in early 2012. Google’s Project Glass has gone from augmented reality champion to perhaps not supporting the interactive technology at all. While Google’s apparent misstep with augmented reality may have burned some consumers, technology startup Innovega believes it can deliver on…

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DARPA throws support behind augmented reality contact lenses from Innovega

Augmented Reality contact lens

Augmented reality may be the future of marketing, but that is not the only use for the technology. In recent years, augmented reality has advanced at a rapid pace. Technology developers have made major strides in taking the technology from the regions of novelty to the realm of practicality. These efforts have not gone unnoticed by the U.S. government. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has begun investing in a new project from Innovega, a Washington-based technology developer. Innovega specializes in high-tech eyewear. The company has created a new…

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