Cyber Attacks Don’t Die, They Evolve

cyber attacks

Cybersecurity often feels like taking one step forward and two steps back. An attack will appear, the security community will respond, and eventually the threat will be eradicated. Then, a few months down the road, the threat reappears in a newer and stronger form. Most commonly, it’s evolved to specifically bypass the defenses created to combat it. This has always been true of cyberattacks. The earliest hackers searched for ways to tweak or re-purpose code after encountering a new defense. Or, rather than search for new vulnerabilities, they found new…

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QR codes are being used for fraudulent purchases

QR codes cyber crime

This use of quick response codes remains rare, but it is clear that it presents a new security threat. Cyber thieves have now opened up a new channel that allows them to make purchases in the name of innocent consumer victims, and they are doing this through the use of QR codes. These barcodes are becoming increasingly commonplace in marketing as well as mobile payments. The first case of this use of QR codes to make fraudulent purchases was in Pima County, Arizona. It remains limited to this single case,…

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Advances in technology put a strain on mobile security

Mobile commerce growth global world

Technology is becoming more important, and so too is security As technology becomes more prolific in the lives of people all over the world, so too is crime. Many people are beginning to rely heavily on their mobile devices in their daily lives. These devices are being used for social networking, shopping, and managing finances as well as other activities. With dependence on mobile technology rising, malicious groups are beginning to target the mobile space, taking advantage of the lack of security that can be found therein. In Dubai, the…

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