M-commerce apps are frustrating shoppers

mobile commerce shopping

A recent study has shown that most consumers have required help in using an app but very few use the device to get it. A recent study conducted by Contact Solutions has revealed that the majority of shoppers in the United States have required assistance when using an m-commerce app, but only a small fraction of them actually used that device in order to obtain the help that they needed. A massive 81 percent of shoppers have found themselves unable to use a mobile commerce application without help. Among those…

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NFC Paging may be the next generation in customer service

NFC paging and how it works

Narian Technologies pioneering the field of NFC Paging NFC technology has long been restricted to the industries of mobile commerce and marketing. The technology has excelled in these fields, showing its penchant for interactivity. Narian Technologies, a pioneer in NFC technology, believes that it could be used for much more than commerce and marketing, however. The company has begun working on a service it calls NFC Paging, which is being billed as the next generation of customer service. Narian notes that thousands of consumers have already made use of NFC…

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QR code on the run with local errand service

QR codes have found their way to Kitsap Errand Runner, one of Washington State’s most prominent errand running services. The codes have been growing in popularity in the state and are catching the attention of more people. Part of their appeal lies in their ability to connect consumers directly with businesses, creating a tangible link between the two. Owner of Kitsap Errand Runner, Bryan Garrett, has begun experimenting with the codes after seeing them in advertisements. At first, Garrett had no idea what the codes were. QR codes are, essentially,…

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