Custom QR codes streamline Tesla Model 3 event check-ins

QR Code payment system - qr code on smartphone

Attendees of last Friday’s event presented a quick response code to gain access to the exclusive occasion. The Tesla Model 3 Delivery Event on Friday offered a sleek and streamlined entrance confirmation using custom QR codes for attendees permitted exclusive access. This use of the quick response codes made it possible for the company to reduce wait times for invitees and their guests. The event took place at an outdoor venue located outside the main Tesla factory and was live streamed on the official website. After using the custom QR…

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Turning all QR Codes Visual!

QR codes

It was a man named Frederick Barnard that coined the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” in an article he wrote commending the effectiveness of graphics in advertising. Technology has advanced light years from when F. Barnard wrote that article back in 1911 but his words were nothing short of prophetic. There is a clear pattern of evolution when attempting to understand where technology is heading. First we had websites that were filled with text and information, then came blogs that decreased the amount of text and used images…

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Visualead – Changing the look of QR codes

Hot Sale QR Code

Visualead service aims to revolutionize the way QR codes are used in designs QR codes have become well established in the world of marketing. The codes have made it possible for companies to enjoy dynamic engagement with consumers. QR codes are simple, black and white patterns in which can be embedded an assortment of digital content. One of the most significant complaints regarding the codes coming from advertisers is their unattractive appearance and how QR codes clash with otherwise beautiful advertisements. Visualead, a new online company offering QR code-related services,…

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Creative custom QR codes launched by EvoxQR

Unique QR Codes

Color, banner, and personalized barcodes now available through the full featured web app. Evox Facilities has announced the release of its EvoxQR web app, which provides a full featured capability for creating unique custom QR codes in with visual appeal for greater impact. The app allows its users to customize their barcodes to maximize their potential. The application is easy to use, and is based on a simple subscription system that uses tokens. By using its QR Wizard, customers can form much more creative quick response codes. The custom QR…

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Artist creates QR code art in “Beautiful Traps”

QR Codes Art

Yiying Lu has released another art project that includes the barcodes in the artwork. QR code art has been taken to another level by Yiying Lu, who has just released her latest project which is a collection called “Beautiful Traps” which integrates fashion and nature while being fully scannable. The pieces are worked into combination watercolor and marker paintings depicting women wearing carnivorous plants as their hats. Integrated into the headwear of several of the women are the quick response codes. The QR code art is created entirely by hand,…

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New form of QR code boosts mobile commerce through instructional encouragement to scan

QR Codes shopping for men

  Survey says…half of mobile campaigns have implemented a QR code. data has indicated that half of all marketers have already implemented QR codes as an element of their overall mobile marketing, and an additional 86 percent intend to incorporate it into their mobile commerce efforts in the future, making it clear that these barcodes are growing in popularity. The question that remains is whether or not it will have the desired impact on consumers and whether or not they will actually use them. Though the awareness of QR codes,…

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Naturtint USA Drives Consumer Web Traffic with QR Codes

QR Code Contest for Naturtint

Smartphone Codes Let Consumers Easily Find Stores and Enter Contests By scanning Quick Response (QR) codes on mobile devices, consumers can quickly get customized information and special promotions from International Trade Routes, the exclusive importer and distributor of Naturtint® natural permanent hair color in the U.S. Women consumers of fashion and beauty products are embracing these codes that enable instant, direct and efficient communication and engagement. Custom QR codes are being used successfully in ads for the natural permanent hair color appearing this winter in Glamor, Vogue, Elle, Women’s Health,…

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Getting the most out of a marketing strategy that includes QR codes

QR Code

A World Telemedia presentation by Bob Bentz, the president of Advanced Telecom Services has shown that marketing that incorporates custom QR codes with branding boosts the usage by 2.4 times. A number of case studies were cited by Bentz to support his theories. He spoke on the topic of “Hip to Be Square: Using QR Codes to Maximize Sales” at the Amsterdam event. Bentz used his presentation to describe the history of quick response (QR) codes, which actually aren’t anything new. These two dimensional barcodes have existed since 1970, when…

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Looking for your QR Code in something a little more sturdy?

QR codes have become metallic. Metalcraft, a provider of personalized identification nameplates and labels, has announced that they will now be adding the codes to their products upon request. Metalcraft has serviced thousands of businesses throughout the country and is responding to growing demand that says companies must be more invested in mobile technology. To this end, the company is now offering its clients the ability to attribute their labels with QR codes to further engage an increasingly tech-savvy audience. “Our customers were beginning to ask about putting QR codes…

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