Walmart Pay mobile payments app has finally arrived

chase qr codes Walmart Pay Mobile Payments app

After hinting, testing and piloting for a long time, the retail giant has finally rolled out the application. The fact that Walmart had a mobile payments app up its sleeve is coming as a surprise to absolutely nobody as it has been talking about it, testing it and running pilot programs for some time now, but what is making headlines is the final rollout of the application and the way competitors in this sphere are being treated. This is the largest effort the retailer has made to try to bump…

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CurrentC mobile payments service may not be launching until 2016

time clock mobile payments cash

MCX announces that payment service is not likely to see a launch this year The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), comprised of several retail organizations, has announced that its mobile commerce platform, called CurrentC, may not launch until 2016. The platform was meant to compete with other services coming from Apple, Google, and Samsung, providing retailers with a tool that they can use to effectively engage consumers that are interested in mobile payments. Retailers have been expressing doubt concerning CurrentC because of its lengthy development and testing phases. Service could see…

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Mobile wallet from MCX sits idle as market grows increasingly crowded

Mobile payments trends wallet

Smartphone payments are being used on an increasing basis, but the Merchant Customer Exchange is standing still. At a time in which many of the biggest players in tech and the financial industries have been putting out their own mobile wallet apps, one of the most highly anticipated additions to the market has remained notably absent from this market. The Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX) has been talking about its mobile payments, but still has no offerings. The MCX has been discussing the development of its mobile wallet for quite a…

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Mobile payments system launched by Wawa

Wawa Convenience Store mobile payments

The convenience store chain is looking to benefit from the same opportunity that is successful at Starbucks Both Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have been finding considerable benefit from their mobile payments systems and their loyalty apps, and now the Wawa convenience store chain has announced that it is rolling out its own version of a system. Wawa’s mobile app now also features its own gift card based digital transaction system and a rewards program. The Wawa mobile payments app is compatible with iOS and Android based devices. It gives customers…

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NFC technology is not out of the question for MCX mobile payments system

mobile pay nfc technology

CurrentC is based on scanning QR codes, at the moment, but this may not be the case forever. CEO of MCX, Dekkers Davidson, has now stated that while the design of the mobile payments system has been based on QR codes until now, it is not out of the realm of possibility that they will head in other directions, such as with NFC technology, the choice of many of their top rivals. Large retailers across the U.S. recently made news by turning of their NFC readers to block Apple Pay.…

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