Block is working on creating a new crypto wallet gadget

Crypto Wallet - Cryptocurrency

Jack Dorsey’s company formerly known as square is using a hexagonal device for the purpose. Block, Jack Dorsey’s mobile payment company formerly called Square, is currently working on a new gadget that will work as a crypto wallet. The hexagonal device has a finish that makes it look as though it is one of several types of rock. These hexagonal rock-like crypto wallet gadgets are equipped with USB ports and, according to an image tweeted by Block hardware head Jesse Dorogusker, it may also feature a fingerprint reader. That said,…

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Most cryptocurrency owners would use it to buy things through a mobile wallet

Mobile wallet - Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin - Mobile

Over one third of crypto-owning consumers aged 18 to 54 would shop with their digital coin. About 67 percent of cryptocurrency owners between the ages of 18 years and 54 years old would use their digital coin in a mobile wallet to make purchases, according to a Cantaloupe Inc. study. The digital payments company’s survey showed that consumers most likely to own crypto coin are 18 to 34. Thirty seven percent of crypto owners are 18 to 34 years old, and 33 percent are aged 35 to 54 years old.…

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Diem cryptocurrency in talks for sale

Diem Cryptocurrency - talks -discussion

The Meta CEO’s botched digital currency is considering a sale of assets, say recent media reports. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to create his own Diem cryptocurrency are crumbling as regulators apply growing pressure. The association overseeing the digital currency is discussing a sale of the crypto’s assets. The Diem cryptocurrency is overseen by the Diem Association, which is now considering returning capital to its investors by selling its assets, said a recent Bloomberg report. An association representative declined the opportunity to immediately comment. That said, according to the report,…

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What are Smart Contracts? Use Cases and Examples

Smart contracts are an important part of most blockchain-based ecosystems, and the most important element of application-focused blockchains, such as Ethereum. These smart contracts are programs that run on blockchains. For instance, an Ethereum contract will run on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts are digital, autonomous, transparent, trustless, and decentralized — and these contracts normally can not be modified or altered once deployed. One of the advantages of smart contracts include reducing or sometimes removing intermediaries and contract enforcement in a transaction or an agreement. With smart contracts, the code…

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Canadian shoppers can use Bitcoin payments for Newegg purchases

Bitcoin Payments - Canada Newegg Accepts Bitcoin

The online computer hardware and consumer electronics retailer will now accept the top cryptocurrency. Newegg recently announced that its Canadian customers will be able to make bitcoin payments to complete purchase transactions. The cryptocurrency is now listed among the retailer’s accepted transaction methods. The company revealed its new adoption of cryptocurrency in a recent press release. American consumers have been able to make bitcoin payments at Newegg since August 2014. This made the company one of the first ever major retailers to accept the cryptocurrency. According to Newegg, since it…

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