Scandinavian Airlines releases unique double scan QR code promotion

Scandinavian Airlines has just launched its latest promotion based on the use of a QR code, which requires two mobile devices to scan the code while they are next to one another in order to obtain the offered deal. The “2 for 1 offer it takes 2 to see” is based on a QR code that must be scanned by devices that are physically next to one another. The reason for this design is that the airline performed research that discovered that when couples make their trip bookings, they are…

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QR codes mingle with volleyball as UK Olympic hopefuls pick up sponsorship

QR Code Promotion

QR codes are making their way to the 2012 Olympics and will be displayed on all British volleyball teams hoping to earn their spot in the massive competition. Volleyball players are well known for adorning their bronzed skin with various advertisements and sponsorship logos. These often come in the form of temporary tattoos. With the Olympics swiftly approaching, however, British teams are looking for more interactive forms of promotion than simple tattoos. One team, in particular, has set its sights on QR codes. Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin, both acclaimed…

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QR coded talking heads make their way to Thailand in new marketing campaign from Trident Gum

Trident QR Code Campaign

“Talking Heads” is a term most often used in reference to political figures and news broadcasters. In the world of marketing, it means a new way to engage consumers with QR codes. It started with Victor Petit, an art direction and multimedia graduate from Sup de Pub ins France. When applying for jobs after graduation, Petit plastered his face on resume and cut out a box where his mouth should be. In its place was a QR code, which could be scanned to activate a video in which Petit would…

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Businesses struggle to find their place with mobile marketing initiatives

Mobile Marketers

Though there is no doubt that mobile marketing is on the upsurge, and it is an important way for many companies to reach their customers, many businesses are struggling to design their strategy using the new technology. Mobile is becoming highly recognized as an essential part of a marketing mix, but after having only just adopted the internet over the last few years, they are now finding themselves back at the very start of trying to work with a new technology and having to learn the ropes of the capabilities…

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QR code haircuts produce viral marketing results

Viral Marketing

QR codes are at the cutting edge of mobile marketing concepts. As is standard for technologies leading the industry, many businesses are looking for new ways to use the codes that go beyond conventional uses. In an effort to stand out to consumers, some companies have taken to plastering giant codes on the sides of buildings or trailing banners emblazoned with a code behind planes. Lowe Thailand, an advertising agency in Thailand, is taking the next step in escalating the battle for attention – by using people. The agency has…

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