Mobile payments using NFC technology will reach 300 million users in 3 years

NFC Technology Mobile Payments Infrastructure

This data is according to a recent report that has been issued by Juniper Research regarding near field communication transactions. The new Juniper Research report has suggested that the number of smartphone users that will be making mobile payments through the use of NFC technology, worldwide, will have broken the 300 million mark by the close of 2017. This will represent considerable growth for the transactions as a whole, as well as for this specific contactless tech. To put this figure into perspective, last year, it was estimated that there…

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Mobile payments haven’t yet caught on in the United Kingdom

London Mobile Payments

A recent survey showed that contactless has yet to be seen in a positive light by most people. Although smartphones are spreading like wildfire throughout the United Kingdom, the same cannot be said about mobile payments, regardless of significant efforts that had been made to boost their popularity throughout the Olympics in London. Only 17 percent of people in the U.K. feel that a “cashless future” could be a more convenient one. This information came from a report about the results of a survey performed in the U.K. by Bank…

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Consumers in Europe view 2012 as the start of mainstream contactless mobile payments

NFC Technology in transportation - Mobile Payments London

The results of the quarterly Contactless Barometer study, performed for the second time by Visa Europe, have now been released, and they have shown that Europeans feel that these mobile payments have reached a tipping point and will start to become mainstream next year. The research involved the participation of 1,700 people who took part in a survey that examined the perceptions of individuals in Poland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom regarding contactless technology. It also utilized in-depth panel sessions with approximately 500 people who already own contactless cards. The…

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