Smartphone kill switch bill in California faces the governor

mobile security smartphone kill switch

This legislation would require handset manufactures to include special anti-theft software on their devices. A bill that would require anti-theft technology in the form of a smartphone kill switch to be installed into devices that are going to be sold in California, is now before the state governor after it was passed by a final vote in the Senate. This mobile security bill was introduced by Senator Mark Leno, with the San Francisco District Attorney’s support. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon was entirely behind the bill that would require…

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Consumer Reports says that mobile commerce may be more costly to consumers than originally thought


The hype surrounding NFC technology and mobile payments may be little more than over-exaggerations coming from the companies backing the emergence of mobile commerce. According to a new report from Consumer Reports, a product review and ratings firm, electronic payment methods still have a long way to go before mobile commerce can win the hearts of consumers. This may be bad news for several big-name tech companies that have been pouring resources into the development of mobile payments platforms. Companies and banks are currently vying for a share of the…

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