QR codes successfully used by Evans Cycles for in store experience

Mobike qr codes bicycle

Scanning the barcodes using a smartphone can provide details and reviews about the products. Evans Cycles has just joined a group of successful companies that are using QR codes and other mobile friendly techniques to help to improve its in store experience by providing shoppers with more information through the use of their smartphones. Though many have had their doubts in this technology, but it has been proving itself over and over again. All of the Evans Cycles stores now have QR codes posted inside to help customers to be…

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QR Codes found in the produce section

California Giant Berry Farms has announced that they will be emblazoning their packaging labels with QR codes as a new way to engage consumers. The codes will be featured on all packages, often called clamshells, during the harvesting season. The company will also host weekly drawings which consumers can enter by scanning the code. The code resolves to California Giant’s mobile website and gives them the opportunity to enter a contest to win up to $100. Winners are chosen weekly and announced via the company’s Facebook page. Participants may choose…

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