Understanding mobile loyalty platforms that are transactional

Mobile marketing loyalty

There are many different types of transactional mobile loyalty platforms and, like the old punch card and plastic cards with the magnetic stripe, each of these new programs designed for mobile devices has their own benefits and drawbacks. Consider the following types of mobile loyalty platforms that are of a transactional nature: • Optical character recognition (OCR) mobile loyalty platforms To take advantage of these platforms, consumers must download a dedicated app into their smartphones and snap the image of each of their receipts. The concept behind this method is…

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Commerce has gone mobile and it’s time to join in

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce for every business type budget Though there continues to be an increasing amount of attention paid to online commerce, many companies are overlooking the true trend that is currently in the middle of an explosion, and that is mobile. It seems that with every passing day, consumers are being provided with a new way to use their devices to enhance their mobile shopping experience, whether that be by scanning a QR code on a bus shelter or magazine ad, performing a price comparison with a specialized app, downloading…

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What impact with the New iPad have on online retailers?

mobile commerce ipad 3 retail

It should come as no surprise to retailers that mobile commerce is now becoming a vital part of remaining competitive, but what many people are wondering is what sort of difference the New iPad will be making in this marketplace and what that will mean to the holiday shopping season for this year. There are already over 82.2 million Americans who use smartphones, and online retailers are making certain that they optimize their websites in order to cater to these consumers. That said, the release of the “iPad 3” is…

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Juniper Research estimates $74 billion in NFC transactions by 2015

NFC Technology

The results of a recently released Juniper Research study have predicted that near field communication (NFC) will have been used for $74 billion in transactions by the year 2015. This technology is growing in its use for in-store purchases, as well as for buying transit and other forms of tickets. It is becoming an increasingly popular way to use a smartphone as a credit card or paper ticket alternative. The Mobile Commerce Markets report also indicated that the fast smartphone adoption for applications relating to commerce has not in any…

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eBay secures new mobile partnerships and predicts significant m-commerce growth this year

eBay mobile payments

eBay Inc. has announced that they are predicting significant volume growth in its m-commerce segment, as well as in its regular e-commerce and auction website, as it anticipates a sizeable increase in the number of people who use their smartphones to shop and pay for products. This online marketplace giant has already been making especially large steps forward into the mobile commerce environment, having developed new apps for its e-commerce platforms. The company has predicted that it will bring in $8 billion in m-commerce retail volume this year, and that…

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Smaller banks and credit unions face broadening mobile banking gap

Mobile Banking Industry

The most recent report issued by Javelin Strategy & Research has identified a broadening gap between the adoption rates of mobile banking at smaller banks and credit unions, and that experienced by much larger banks and financial institutions. The data from the research firm showed that among regional and community banks, only 21 percent of consumers are adopting mobile banking. Similarly, only 15 percent of consumers are using mobile banking at credit unions. Comparatively, 37 percent of the customers of very large financial institutions are adopting the behavior. Banking using…

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Oracle unveils its multi-channel solution called FLEXCUBE for financial services industry

Mobile trends

Oracle Financial Services has announced the introduction of its FLEXCUBE multi-channel banking solutions which will help financial services organizations to provide their customers with increased personalization to their services through mobile and direct channels. The product is called the Oracle FLEXCUBE Multi-Channel Solution, and it provides new versions of previous product for direct and private banking. This will give banks the ability to offer products and services such as those based on complete portfolio views, over a multitude of different direct channels, including mobile. Through the use of this solution,…

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Consumers prefer mobile-commerce over their browsers instead of apps

Tablet Commerce

Zmags, a rich media company, has released the results of its recent survey which has shown that while most users of tablet computers had made purchases through those mobile devices over the holiday shopping season, most of them preferred to do so over their browsers as opposed to using branded apps. Among tablet owners, 87 percent had used their device to make at least one purchase during the holiday shopping period in 2011. The average amount that was spent by tablet users during this time was $325. Moreover, over half…

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VeriFone launches next generation of mobile payment solutions to connect retailers and consumers


VeriFone Systems, Inc. has announced that it is launching its next generation of mobile payments solutions and is welcoming merchants to reconsider the way that they interact with consumers and the way that they think about security, mobility, and even globalization. The company introduced the new solutions as a part of their expanding point of sale business which currently dominates the marketplace. The service widening will include new mobile technology, multimedia, and payment paradigms, in addition to services based in the cloud which are all designed to improve the overall…

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What the new year holds for tech and commerce

Mobile Commerce

Last year, the technology world reached a critical point where the world saw dramatic changes toward mobile marketing, collaborative consumption, social commerce, empowered individuals, and education sector disruptions. The predictions for 2012 indicate that this year will be even more exciting than last year, across the board. Among the main points of focus in tech this year is mobile. Absolutely everything in the mobile world is at the cusp of significant and meaningful changes, and they will be growing extremely rapidly because of the global mobile connectivity levels that are…

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Mobile banking adoption may face delays due to fees from some banks

Mobile Banking

Many banks are turning their heads toward the mobile banking environment in order to implement fees for mobile services that will make up for the lost revenues that the financial institutions have faced from the consumer protection regulations that have just been put into effect. Banks have embraced mobile services with open arms due to its cost effectiveness, regardless of the fact that the consumer adoption rates remain limited. That said, as a number of banks are reportedly thinking about adding significant fees – for example, a remote deposit capture…

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