Visualead QR code generator introduces a new generation of QR codes

QR codes get a visual overhaul QR codes are often seen as boring, black and white little blocks that are somewhat unattractive. The codes do not have to be visually unappealing, however, an a aesthetically pleasing QR code typically has a higher engagement level than a dull code. So called visual QR codes are meant to leverage the engagement power of conventional QR codes without sacrificing appearances. These codes have been pioneered by Visualead, which offers a QR code generator that can incorporate nearly any picture into a working QR code. Visualead…

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Integrate graphics in QR Code while keeping the error correction intact

QR Codes are being used more and more in magazines and on billboards. They offer a good bridge between the real world and the digital world of the internet. Scanning a QR Code that contains an URL avoids typing errors and even deep-linking into your website becomes easier. Another benefit is the trace-ability of the code usage, offering various statistical information on the scanned QR Code. There is only one big drawback in QR Code usage, at first glance all QR Code’s look the same. Various companies jumped into this…

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Visualead may revolutionize QR codes

qr codes video

Visualead gains traction in boosting popularity of QR codes QR codes may be popular with advertisers, but they are much less so with consumers. Scan rates for QR codes are rarely disclosed by the companies that use them, but many consumers have taken to avoiding the codes because of the bad experiences they have had with them in the past. Some companies that make use of QR codes do so in a manner that is not effective or convenient for consumers, leaving these people with a poor sense of what…

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Turning all QR Codes Visual!

QR codes

It was a man named Frederick Barnard that coined the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” in an article he wrote commending the effectiveness of graphics in advertising. Technology has advanced light years from when F. Barnard wrote that article back in 1911 but his words were nothing short of prophetic. There is a clear pattern of evolution when attempting to understand where technology is heading. First we had websites that were filled with text and information, then came blogs that decreased the amount of text and used images…

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Visualead – Changing the look of QR codes

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Visualead service aims to revolutionize the way QR codes are used in designs QR codes have become well established in the world of marketing. The codes have made it possible for companies to enjoy dynamic engagement with consumers. QR codes are simple, black and white patterns in which can be embedded an assortment of digital content. One of the most significant complaints regarding the codes coming from advertisers is their unattractive appearance and how QR codes clash with otherwise beautiful advertisements. Visualead, a new online company offering QR code-related services,…

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Artist creates QR code art in “Beautiful Traps”

QR Codes Art

Yiying Lu has released another art project that includes the barcodes in the artwork. QR code art has been taken to another level by Yiying Lu, who has just released her latest project which is a collection called “Beautiful Traps” which integrates fashion and nature while being fully scannable. The pieces are worked into combination watercolor and marker paintings depicting women wearing carnivorous plants as their hats. Integrated into the headwear of several of the women are the quick response codes. The QR code art is created entirely by hand,…

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It allows companies to instantly and easily generate visually compelling barcodes. Technology company,, has just released a QR code service industry first, which is a custom two dimensional barcode generator created just for businesses and brands. This could make the square black and white boxes a thing of the past for advertisers. The online tool offered by the company provides the ability to create codes that are visually appealing with only a few clicks of the mouse. It is anticipated that marketers will find this feature especially attractive, as they…

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Identive unveils engaging color magnet and NFC tag stickers


NFC tags bring a whole new meaning to window shopping. RFID industry security and identification product and service provider, Identive Group, Inc., has unveiled its latest product line for NFC tags, which includes magnets and NFC window stickers that allow for more engaging, entertaining, and high-impact consumer experiences. The new Identive NFC window stickers are created to allow for check-ins with social media and coupon apps, as well as information pick-ups. These stickers are high resolution, doubled sided, and full color, and are created through a unique process that allows…

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Scan to help!

Recovery efforts in Japan continue in the wake of last month’s devastating tsunami. A worldwide support system has emerged, funneling money and volunteers to the battered country, assisting Japan in rebuilding after the tsunami and mitigate the ongoing nuclear crisis. Despite an unprecedented level of support from the worldwide community, the Japanese Red Cross is still in dire need of financial support. Japan Neko, the nation’s largest native language search engine and online community, has partnered with the Red Cross to bolster the Japan Tsunami Relief Fund. Neko has commissioned…

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New technology tools for the traveler on the go!

MattsonMaps, a developer of online applications aimed at destination marketing organizations, has announced that they latest program has entered the beta phase of testing. The program, called TravelTools, helps companies manage their online content, such as maps, calendar and newsletters. The company hopes to appeal to the growing mobile marketing crowd by making use of QR codes to go along with their program. “A majority of travelers use smart phones and mobile devices,” says company president Mark Mattson. “They’re using them to gather information and make decision,” he adds. Smart…

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