Coca-Cola unveils Halloween themed AR and VR marketing campaign

fanta coca cola vr marketing

The soft drink giant’s UK division will break its own advertising spending record for the themed campaign. Coca-Cola’s UK division will launch an AR and VR marketing campaign for its Fanta brand on Halloween. This campaign will represent the most they have ever spent on a Halloween campaign to date. Part of the advertising for the brand has to do with a virtual reality short riddled with jump scares. The VR marketing short brings viewers onto an elevator on their way to a 13th floor Halloween party. That said, they…

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Coke looking for loyality with new SMS marketing campaign

Coca-Cola Mobile Marketing Campaign

By now just about every business owner should know that mobile marketing is big. Maybe even so big, if not done right, it could break a company. Yea, you read it right…if it wasn’t big, why are so many big name companies using it? Coca-Cola, one of the biggest around, is going to increase their mobile marketing campaign again; this time developing a multi-tiered mobile approach to getting the customer and keeping their interest, and loyalty, long-term. Numerous studies, survey’s and research reports have been done regarding mobile marketing, and they all…

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