1850 Coffee QR codes provide consumers with transparency and tracing

1850 Coffee QR codes - coffee beans in sack

The quick response barcodes system uses IBM blockchain technology for Farmer Connect. Customers will soon be scanning 1850 Coffee QR codes to learn more about precisely where their beans came from. The brand is the first in its category in the US to offer complete traceability for this favorite morning beverage. The 1850 QR codes leverage blockchain tech from IBM. It allows consumers to scan the barcode through the use of the Thank My Farmer app. From there, they can find out just where their 100 percent Columbian Coffee came…

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QR codes used in Israel to offer consumers free products

qr code marketing for coffee house

Café Joe, a chain of coffee houses, is running a newspaper campaign featuring the barcodes. An Israeli coffee house chain, Café Joe, has just released its latest advertising campaign, which includes QR codes as a major step into mobile commerce for the company. When the barcode is scanned, it directs the newspaper readers to a free coffee offer. The QR codes are printed in local newspapers so that the readers can scan them with their smartphones in order to obtain a coupon for a free cup of coffee at Café…

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