Codee IR platform brings augmented reality to mobile marketing

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Codee announces new image recognition platform Codee Software, a technology company and augmented reality developer, has announced the release of a new image recognition platform that utilizes augmented reality technology. Called Codee IR, the platform is equipped with a large array of phone and cloud-based image recognition technologies as well as web services. The Codee IR platform will be used by Codee’s mobile applications to recognize a wide assortment of advertisements, logos, and other images. Codee’s new platform may have some powerful implications for mobile marketing. Codee IR platform aims…

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Codee Software announces the opening of its App Store

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Codee Software Inc. has now released the next version (2.0) of its QR code platform, at the same time that it has opened the doors of its Codee App Store. The Codee App Store is designed to provide mobile consumers with a range of different apps that will give them better use and control over the QR codes that they use in their everyday lives. They can buy a QR code app that is relatively inexpensive and goes above and beyond the traditional scanning app. These also provide consumers with…

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