Google Wallet revamped to address security and usability concerns

Google Wallet

Google Wallet has been the subject of criticism since its release Google Wallet is no stranger to criticism. Since the mobile payment platform was released a year ago, it has been the target of harsh criticisms concerning its inability to accommodate consumers and its lackluster security measures. Google has invested heavily into the mobile commerce industry in the hopes of establishing itself as a leader in the market. The criticisms that have been levied against Google Wallet could serve to destabilize the company’s efforts, thus leading to a revamp o…

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Augmented reality and cloud computing may be made for each other


Augmented reality continues to gain power in the technology industry Augmented reality is quickly becoming a powerful force in the world of technology. Augmented reality is capable of enhancing the physical world with a variety of computer-generated sensory input. The technology is often used to enrich user experience in the entertainment and marketing industries, but is beginning to find practical use as well. Though the technology can be used by any platform that is capable of meeting its somewhat high demands, augmented reality has established a strong foothold in the…

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Cloud computing comes to the Shaderlight platform from Limitless Computing

Cloud Computing augmented reality

Shaderlight receives update to enable cloud computing Limitless Computing, an augmented reality developer, has announced that users of its Shaderlight platform will be able to benefit from the use of cloud computing. The Shaderlight platform is an interactive rendering plug-in for the SketchUp, a 3D modeling program. Shaderlight will be the first platform of its kind to make use of cloud computing, which may help users break new ground in the projects that utilize SketchUp. By combining augmented reality with cloud computing, Limitless Computing may be able to provide consumers…

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Qualcomm seeks to combine augmented reality with cloud computing


The cloud may be the next step in augmented reality technology Qualcomm, a leading maker of chips for wireless devices, is no stranger to augmented reality technology. The company has been a driving force in the developing and implementation of augmented reality for more than a decade. Qualcomm has explored both the existing and potential applications for augmented reality over the years with varying degrees of success and failure. The company has now found a new way to make use of augmented reality that draws upon the ever popular concept…

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