The Riddle of Mobile Commerce

mobile commerce trend interest

Mobile payments continue to be a complex issue Mobile commerce has become quite popular, but not everyone is sold on the idea of paying for things with their mobile device. The idea is quite simple: Mobile applications act as facilitators of mobile transactions, allowing people to make purchases while shopping online from their smartphones and tablets. Under the surface, mobile commerce is anything but simple, thanks to changing commerce standards and the ever present threat of exploitation coming from malicious groups that want to get their hands on consumer financial…

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McDonald’s and Paybox team to test new mobile payment system

McDonalds mobile payment system

Cloud-based mobile commerce Fast food giant McDonald’s has announced that it will be participating in a new NFC-based mobile payment system this year. The company will be working with Austrian telecommunications companies A1 and Paybox Bank. These two companies have designed a new mobile payment system that is based on cloud-computing. Most other payment systems make use of microchips and PIN technology. Paybox believes that a cloud-based system would be much more secure and more intuitive to use for consumers. As such, the company has launched a campaign to test…

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