Mobile technology can reduce a carbon footprint

environment carbon footprint mobile technology

Recent predictions have said smartphones and similar tech slash emissions by 180 million metric tons. According to a report that was recently released by Carbon Trust, the use of mobile technology is contributing to the ability to avoid the addition of 180 million metric tons of carbon emissions into the air throughout Europe and the United States. That amount represents about five times the level of emissions that are required to operate mobile networks. The report stated that the savings in carbon emissions by mobile technology are the direct result…

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Social media marketing brings massive climate change awareness

UN video climate change social media marketing

A single, well made, 3 minute video shown to the U.N. has now gone viral among international viewers. While the jury is still out about whether or not social media marketing is a highly effective way to reach consumers and spread a message, a three minute video that was shown to more than 120 world leaders at the United Nations is making a difference for climate change in a viral way online. The story gets even better as it is revealed that the creator of the film has never done…

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