QR codes and cloud storage are on their way to Mobile County schools

qr code enrollment at school and library

Classrooms in the area are going to be benefitting from a range of new technology options. In Alabama, the school system in Mobile County is now broadening its options for learning by way of technology by participating in miDevice, which is a Bring Your Own Device program that makes it possible for students to take advantage of QR codes and cloud storage. Kids will be able to access documents stored in the cloud in order to complete their homework assignments. At the moment, among the 89 different schools that are…

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QR codes help students learn to garden

qr codes gardening plants

Fifth graders from Sangster Elementary are teaching kindergarteners about growing plants. Sangster Elementary has created a unique digital program that allows fifth graders to use digital presentations to be accessed by way of QR codes, to be able to show kindergarteners some of the basics that they need to know about gardening. The children then learned what would be required to plant flowers and vegetables in a real garden. The various specific plants were selected so that the kindergarteners would be able to scan the QR codes and learn how…

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QR codes for book reviews help educator win award

mobile qr codes in library

A man in Sidney, Nebraska has now won the Unsung Heroes award with these barcodes. An elementary instructor from Sidney, Nebraska has just won the Unsung Heroes award after having created a new method of technology based book reviews that employ QR codes to provide access to the works. The teacher was one of 100 winners of the award from across the United States. Rick Meyer, a K-6 tech facilitator and instructor from North Elementary was among 100 winners nationwide and was among only three of the winning teachers who…

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QR codes as learning tools

qr codes used in classrooms

Mobile barcodes are moving beyond marketing and into the classroom. QR codes have been taking off throughout the mobile marketing world, but now they are beginning to find a new home in education as well. The barcodes are proving useful in a number of ways beyond the obvious communication with consumers. Previous uses for QR codes have included a number of highly popular campaigns, such as their use at Starbucks, as well as on billboards and product packaging. Now that consumers are beginning to become more familiar with what they…

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