QR codes get a Hershey Kiss this holiday season

QR Codes Chocolate

The candy manufacturer has now piloted a SmartLabel program including quick response codes. Hershey Co. has decided to take a step back toward simplicity in terms of its ingredients, at the same time that it has stepped forward into technology when it comes to its labeling, by adding QR codes to the packaging for its classic Kisses and chocolate bars. Launched for the holiday season, these Hershey products will not contain any artificial flavors. The products in the Holiday Hershey’s Kisses packages will not only be free of artificial flavors,…

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QR codes made from chocolate make a tasty sculpture

Chocolate QR Codes

The London Design Festival provided its own unique nod to the importance of mcommerce. This year marked the 10th annual London Design Festival, and it featured an important recognition of the growing influence of mcommerce through a sculpture that formed QR codes made entirely out of chocolate. The sculpture was the result of a collaborative effort between an international chocolatier and a designer. Hotel Chocolat, an international chocolatier based in the United Kingdom, but that has store locations throughout the U.K, across Europe, and in both Boston and New York,…

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Chocolate Graphics releases the latest in mobile marketing through QR code embossed treats

qr code chocolate

Chocolate Graphics, a unique confectioner company that specializes in personalized embossed chocolates, has now released a product that can allow businesses to take advantage of QR code marketing. The product is a chocolate treat that features a QR code embossed on top, which can be scanned in order to direct mobile device users to app downloads or mobile websites as per the wishes of the customer. This allows the recipient of the chocolates to obtain information and then follow it up with a sweet treat. The QR code embossed chocolates…

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