Starbucks mobile payments to launch in China

Starbucks mobile payments card

The coffee giant has finally announced its intentions to expand its smartphone based experience in China. The Seattle-based coffee giant will finally be launching its Starbucks mobile payments in China. This expansion of its digital features has been long anticipated within that tremendous market. This will make it possible for customers to pay for orders using their smartphones. They will also be able to collect My Starbucks Rewards. The company announced the availability of this mobile commerce experience for over 2,200 Chinese locations. In a press release, Starbucks China president,…

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Mobile commerce consumer confidence is rapidly increasing

Mobile commerce

This willingness for smartphone users to embrace the technology will generate a growth of 50 percent. According to Juniper Research, consumers are embracing mobile commerce at a much faster rate than they accepted the standard web for purchasing products back in the 1990s. It has been suggested that it is supply and not demand that is holding the marketplace back. The research firm has indicated that the number of people who are buying physical goods through m-commerce channels will increase from this year’s 393 million to a tremendous 580 million…

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