Technology news made as Amazon opens a China Appstore

technology news

Many people are expecting that this announcement will come ahead of a release of Kindle in the country. A massive technology news announcement was made on April 17 by, when it stated that it would be expanding its Appstore for Android to almost 200 countries, but at that time, China was not included among them. However, that story has changed as the company has now announced the opening of the store. As of May 4, Android device users in China have been able to take advantage of this technology…

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Technology news made by Nokia with missed opportunity

Nokia technology news

Missing the Chinese New Year shopping season may prove painful to the smartphone manufacturer. Though Nokia is still making top technology news with the release of its next smartphones, many are wondering if it has missed a tremendous opportunity by missing out on the shopping season for Chinese New Year. The brand is advertising its Lumia 920T smartphone but it may not be able to deliver in time. Following a massive traditional and mobile marketing campaign that encouraged Chinese consumers to “Change Phones for the New Year!”, the Nokia Lumia…

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