Real estate marketers take advantage of quick response codes and mobile apps

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

  Real estate brokers are beginning to take advantage of mobile marketing techniques such as quick response codes (QR codes) and apps in order to help them to sell properties.  As today’s consumers are used to being able to look into their purchases online before they actually fork over their cash – especially in the case of big ticket items – real estate agents and brokers are using this knowledge to better advertise properties and make it easier for potential buyers to find the information they’re looking for.  For example,…

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Mobile commerce is the missing link for the multitasker in us all!

M-Commerce Works for the Busy Everyday Life

Mobile phones have become more than just a phone; for most people, they are a lifeline. Our mobile devices are our personal assistants; they help us to stay in touch, keep appointments, and get real-time news on events going on in the world. Mobile devices can, and will, also play huge roles in business commerce. We are a society on the move, and we have integrated almost every bit of our lives into our mobile devices. We keep in touch with our family and friends, do our work, and surf…

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QR code services available for real estate agents

RealBird Inc., a provider of electronic marketing resources for real estate industry professionals, has announced the release of their mobile website designed specifically for real estate agents is now available for use. The website will allow potential buyers to browse property listings via their smart phones. Buyers can also set up appointments for tours and sign up for regular updates from agents. The site will be able to be accessed by scanning QR codes that will be available on property signage and flyers. “Mobile websites and QR codes have now joined…

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