Social media marketing campaigns for some cancers are designed to grab attention

canadian cancer society nutiquette social media marketing

Awareness is now being achieved through the use of much edgier and racier videos to ensure they’re seen. The Canadian Cancer Society has launched a new social media marketing campaign that it has designed to make a considerable splash in order to help to promote awareness of how to self check for breast and testicular cancers. The online video series has the amusing yet racy name of the Nutiquette campaign. Understanding that there is no shortage of videos online, the Canadian Cancer Society’s own social media marketing campaign would need…

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Cancer Research UK uses mobile to encourage greater loyalty and donations

mobile marketing demographic

Cancer Research UK has announced that it is releasing a smartphone app that will be compatible with several mobile devices, to provide regular donors with a loyalty program, a mobile wallet, and relevant content delivery. This charitable organization is using the mobile channel to make it simpler for its supporters to regularly make their donations, and to obtain interesting and important information through the use of their smartphones. This makes it possible for users to either make single donations or to sign up to make regular donations that will earn…

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