Cool QR codes make for cashless carwashes

cool qr codes carwash

A Canadian company providing self-serve wash bays has used quick response codes as an alternative to tokens. A new system of cool QR codes makes it possible for drivers to wash their cars without the need for exact change. At Valet Car Wash in Cambridge, Canada, customers previously needed to use change to buy tokens. While they can still use cash to use the self-service carwash, they now have the choice to use smartphones, too. The quick response codes were chosen due to the ease and affordability of their generation…

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QR codes are yet untested in transit transfer slips

London mobile commerce train

That said, the technology is being considered with the hopes that it will not be a glitch process. The capital of Canada, Ottawa, is now considering QR codes to be added to their transit transfer slips in order to be able to stay ahead of the technology curve when it comes to their newly overhauled fare system. However, there are some people who have their doubts as a quick response code system is primarily untested. The fear is that if the Ottawa transit system goes to the length of employing…

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QR codes central to new app at the Royal Ontario Museum

qr codes payments

The application allows the visitors to the attraction to become the curators and experience a whole new level. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has just released a new app called the ScopifyROM application, which uses QR codes and mobile devices to help visitors to the location to learn a great deal more about what they are seeing than would be possible on the museum signage. The app has been designed to bring the museum experience up to a brand new and more interesting level. The app allows any visitor to…

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QR codes have now made their way onto Canadian gravestones

QR codes headstone

Quick response codes are making their way onto headstones in countries around the world. Funeral homes across the United States and in Europe have been announcing new features that allow QR codes to be added to grave markers, and this smartphone friendly memorial technique has just become available in Canada. These barcodes give an interactive quality to the headstones that mark a buried individual in a cemetery. These QR codes can be scanned by individuals with smartphones or tablets in order to view a tribute webpage that provides more information…

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QR codes central to Royal Canadian Mint’s challenge winner

QR Codes Mobile Payment System

MintWallet won the $50,000 prize with its Windows Phone app. The challenge created by the Royal Canadian Mint was designed in order to encourage the development of an app that will clearly illustrate the advantages of using digital funds over actual cash, and was met with a winner that used QR codes as the heart of its functionality. The winning app, called MintWallet, offers several digital cash transfer opportunities. Among those features are the ability to request money from another party or to send money. It is based on a…

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QR code used by Canadian police to find killers

QR code used to catch a killer

The hope is that smartphone users will identify an “important” witness to a teen’s murder. At a press conference, police in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada have released a QR code that they hope will give the smartphone using public the ability to help them to track down the killer of 18 year old Valerie Leblanc, whose body was discovered on August 23, 2011. The hope is that the quick response barcode will encourage people to view the sketch of a possible witness. Scanning the QR code will direct smartphone users to…

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Ontario Tender Fruit Producers Marketing Board labels product with QR codes

qr codes on fruit produce

Canadian produce marketers take advantage of mobile technology for improved packaging information. Fruit from Ontario will soon be sporting a new kind of packaging feature, as the growers of tender fruit in that Canadian province include the use of QR codes in their packaging, to provide consumers with more information about the products they are purchasing. The Ontario Tender Fruit Producers Marketing Board has announced the creation and availability of a new website that can be accessed via URL or through a quick response code that is easily scanned with…

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Report shows 1 in 6 Canadian smartphone users scanned a QR code in December 2011

Tim Hortons Canada Day Mobile App

According to the recent comScore report called “2012 Mobile Future in Focus”, 53 percent of the smartphone owners in Canada have used their mobile device to complete in-store retail related activities. Among the most popular media trends involved QR codes, which have been rapidly taking off as near field communication (NFC) continues to drag its feet to get started and may still be a number of years from becoming mainstream. The report showed that among Canadian smartphone owners, 16 percent used their devices to scan a QR code during the…

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