QR codes to be applied to Canadian war graves in Wales

QR Codes used on gravestones

The Welsh graveyard is using technology to help visitors to understand the presence of these markers. A cemetery in Wales behind St. Margaret’s Church in Bodelwyddan will now be adding QR codes to the Canadian war graves on that site in order to help visitors to understand why they are there. Many people don’t know the history behind those buried under the markers. Therefore, instead of setting up the cemetery with the traditional information plaques and other stands, the HistoryPoints project chose to use QR codes as a method of…

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QR code cut into massive corn field

QR code cornfield

A farmer family in Alberta, Canada, have created an enormous barcode maze. A corn farming family located south of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has created a QR code out of their fields by cutting it into the barcode in order to create their annual. The Kraay family designs a new corn field maze every year. This year, their farm, which can be found in Lacombe County, not only features a maze in the corn, but it also may very well be the largest QR code in the world. They chose a…

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Report shows 1 in 6 Canadian smartphone users scanned a QR code in December 2011

Tim Hortons Canada Day Mobile App

According to the recent comScore report called “2012 Mobile Future in Focus”, 53 percent of the smartphone owners in Canada have used their mobile device to complete in-store retail related activities. Among the most popular media trends involved QR codes, which have been rapidly taking off as near field communication (NFC) continues to drag its feet to get started and may still be a number of years from becoming mainstream. The report showed that among Canadian smartphone owners, 16 percent used their devices to scan a QR code during the…

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Quick Response codes help the United Way appeal to a younger generation of volunteers

QR Code

The mobile advertising industry has adopted quick response (QR) codes very quickly and has been adapting them for a very wide range of use, allowing them to provide information to consumers in many different forms, from links to mobile sites to videos, purchases, or charitable donations. Calgary-based Tag Advertising is an agency that has been implementing QR codes in an innovative new way, most recently through its Calgary-area United Way campaign. Todd Sloane, the principal of the company, as well as his staff, are quite familiar with the stories of…

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Nothing says home like a QR code

Government House in Saskatchewan

QR codes have been showing up in Saskatchewan, Canada, much to the surprise of its residents. The codes have become a mobile marketing phenomenon but still remain mysterious, blocky symbols to many people all over the world. While marketers continue to use the codes in advertising, the codes have caught the eye of the Saskatchewan government, who is eager to leverage interactive technologies to enhance the lives of citizens. The Government House in Saskatchewan has hosted royalty and a number of prestigious dignitaries throughout its long history. While the building…

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