Wearable devices could be the future of mobile payments

Bionym nymi wearable technology mobile payments heartbeat

Wearable technology is beginning to find traction in the mobile commerce space Wearable technology is gaining more attention, especially in the mobile commerce space. As new devices become more available, consumers are likely to use these devices for everyday commerce. While there are very few wearable devices currently available on the market, these devices are likely to become more common within the next five years, and these devices could be equipped with mobile payment technology that makes them more attractive to consumers. Royal Bank of Canada teams with Bionym to…

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Tab brings new mobile payments service to Toronto restaurants

Toronto Mobile payments

Mobile commerce is gaining momentum among high-end Canadian restaurants Tab, a startup based in Toronto, Canada, has plans to bring mobile payments to high-end restaurants. The startup has already partnered with 18 of Toronto’s luxury restaurants in its endeavor to make expand mobile commerce and help businesses become more accommodating of mobile consumers. Mobile commerce is growing quickly throughout Canada as more people become reliant on their smartphones and tablets. Consumers are beginning to seek out businesses that offer mobile-centric services and tend to spend more on these businesses over…

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RBC releases new mobile commerce platform

Royal bank of Canada (RBC) mobile commerce platform

RBC Wallet officially launched in Canada The Royal Bank of Canada has released its first mobile commerce platform, called the RBC Wallet. The platform is powered by the bank’s Secure Cloud, which is used to store customer financial information. The bank claims that its mobile wallet is the first of its kind in Canada, allowing consumers to choose either their debit RBC account or a Visa credit account to make payments. Currently, the RBC Wallet is only available for Android devices. RBC Wallet leverages NFC technology in order to facilitate…

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Canadians look forward to mobile payments

canada mobile commerce users

Mobile commerce continues to grow throughout Canada Canadian consumers are looking forward to what the future holds for mobile payments, according to a new survey from Rogers Communications, a telecommunications organization in Canada. Mobile commerce has been gaining a great deal of momentum throughout North America in recent years as consumers become more invested in their smartphones and tablets. Retailers and other businesses have been working to adapt to changes in consumer behavior by becoming more mobile themselves and embracing mobile commerce. Survey highlights expectations from Canadian consumers According to…

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Canadians may favor mobile commerce for holiday shopping

Canadian Mobile payments

Mobile commerce can make holiday shopping more enjoyable Canadian consumers may be looking to avoid going to physical stores during the 2013 holiday season, according to a new study from Pollara, which was conducted on behalf of PayPal Canada. The study suggests that mobile commerce has provided a reasonable alternative to traditional shopping experiences. Notably, through mobile shopping consumers would be able to avoid long lines at checkout as well as the other stresses associated with holiday shopping. Study shows consumers favor mobile platforms The study suggests that more than…

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Mobile commerce and payments to expand significantly in Canadian province

Manitoba Canada Mobile Commerce

Residents of Manitoba to experience a larger range of options on their smartphones. MTS (Manitoba Telecom Services, Inc.) has just announced that it has just entered into the first stages of a partnership with EnStream LP in order to enhance mobile commerce in Manitoba, and to bring secure smartphone payment technology to the province in 2013. This new technology is designed to help to boost transactions over smartphones and tablets. The partnership will provide MTS customers with the chance to take advantage of more of what mobile commerce has to…

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Augmented reality marketing advances in Canada

Astral Out-of-Home transit shelter

Astral Out-of-Home and Ad-Dispatch launch new augmented reality application Augmented reality is gaining traction as a marketing tool. Augmented reality marketing has shown itself to be somewhat successful due to its high level of engagement. Consumers have long showed favor for participating in marketing campaigns that are dynamic and appeal to their love of interactivity. Astral Out-of-Home, and outdoor marketing company, and Ad-Dispatch, a digital production company with a focus on augmented reality, have teamed to launch new applications that leverage the concept of augmented reality marketing. iRiS AR aims…

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Report shows 1 in 6 Canadian smartphone users scanned a QR code in December 2011

Tim Hortons Canada Day Mobile App

According to the recent comScore report called “2012 Mobile Future in Focus”, 53 percent of the smartphone owners in Canada have used their mobile device to complete in-store retail related activities. Among the most popular media trends involved QR codes, which have been rapidly taking off as near field communication (NFC) continues to drag its feet to get started and may still be a number of years from becoming mainstream. The report showed that among Canadian smartphone owners, 16 percent used their devices to scan a QR code during the…

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yStats announces release of its 2012 report for North American B2C E-Commerce

Marketing Statistics

yStats.com, a market research company based in Hamburg, has released its latest report, which look into the present of North American B2C E-Commerce, and speculates on its future. The title of the report is “North American B2C E-Commerce Report 2012”. Though it is focused primarily on North American data as a whole, it also examines trends that are specific to both the Canadian and U.S. markets. It zooms in on revenue figures, trends, leading product categories by popularity, and market shares, as well as online shoppers, internet users, and overall…

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Quick Response codes help the United Way appeal to a younger generation of volunteers

QR Code

The mobile advertising industry has adopted quick response (QR) codes very quickly and has been adapting them for a very wide range of use, allowing them to provide information to consumers in many different forms, from links to mobile sites to videos, purchases, or charitable donations. Calgary-based Tag Advertising is an agency that has been implementing QR codes in an innovative new way, most recently through its Calgary-area United Way campaign. Todd Sloane, the principal of the company, as well as his staff, are quite familiar with the stories of…

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Qtel Group and RIM seek to expand NFC mobile commerce

NFC technology mobile payments

The Qtel Group, a telecommunications company based in the Middle East, met with Research in Motion (RIM), a Canadian telecomm group, to discuss opportunities regarding the expansion of NFC technology in the Middle East. Mobile commerce is seen as a particularly lucrative industry in some parts of the Middle East, such as Qatar, where the popularity of smart phones continues to soar. Mobile commerce is made possible through NFC technology, which can turn ordinary smart phones into payment devices. The two companies are looking to expand their global relationship to…

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