Availability of Interac Debit m-commerce solutions expand in Canada

Interac Debit m-commerce - Google Pay mobile payments

Interac Debit on mobile with Apple Pay and Google Pay now widely available. Interac Corp., one of Canada’s leading payments brands, has announced wide spread availability of its Interac Debit m-commerce solutions for In-App and In-Browser Payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay, across the nation. Canadians can now use these services when making payments within apps and mobile websites. Interac Debit on Apple Pay or Google Pay for in-store purchases is already used by Canadians at hundreds of thousands of merchants across the nation. The company expanding its e-commerce…

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Wearable devices could be the future of mobile payments

Bionym nymi wearable technology mobile payments heartbeat

Wearable technology is beginning to find traction in the mobile commerce space Wearable technology is gaining more attention, especially in the mobile commerce space. As new devices become more available, consumers are likely to use these devices for everyday commerce. While there are very few wearable devices currently available on the market, these devices are likely to become more common within the next five years, and these devices could be equipped with mobile payment technology that makes them more attractive to consumers. Royal Bank of Canada teams with Bionym to…

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Tab brings new mobile payments service to Toronto restaurants

Toronto Mobile payments

Mobile commerce is gaining momentum among high-end Canadian restaurants Tab, a startup based in Toronto, Canada, has plans to bring mobile payments to high-end restaurants. The startup has already partnered with 18 of Toronto’s luxury restaurants in its endeavor to make expand mobile commerce and help businesses become more accommodating of mobile consumers. Mobile commerce is growing quickly throughout Canada as more people become reliant on their smartphones and tablets. Consumers are beginning to seek out businesses that offer mobile-centric services and tend to spend more on these businesses over…

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RBC releases new mobile commerce platform

Royal bank of Canada (RBC) mobile commerce platform

RBC Wallet officially launched in Canada The Royal Bank of Canada has released its first mobile commerce platform, called the RBC Wallet. The platform is powered by the bank’s Secure Cloud, which is used to store customer financial information. The bank claims that its mobile wallet is the first of its kind in Canada, allowing consumers to choose either their debit RBC account or a Visa credit account to make payments. Currently, the RBC Wallet is only available for Android devices. RBC Wallet leverages NFC technology in order to facilitate…

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Canadians look forward to mobile payments

canada mobile commerce users

Mobile commerce continues to grow throughout Canada Canadian consumers are looking forward to what the future holds for mobile payments, according to a new survey from Rogers Communications, a telecommunications organization in Canada. Mobile commerce has been gaining a great deal of momentum throughout North America in recent years as consumers become more invested in their smartphones and tablets. Retailers and other businesses have been working to adapt to changes in consumer behavior by becoming more mobile themselves and embracing mobile commerce. Survey highlights expectations from Canadian consumers According to…

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