Canada’s lack of QR code technology use weakens COVID-19 vaccine tracking

QR code technology - COVID-19 vaccine with QR code

The small barcode helping other countries isn’t benefiting our neighbors to the north. QR code technology used in countries around the world is helping those nations to implement effective tracking of their COVID-19 vaccines. However, Canada won’t be benefiting from that same level of tracking because it lacks the tech to scan those simple barcodes. The square smartphone-compatible barcode would allow a package to be tracked back through the supply chain. This failure to have QR code technology in place is a frustrating one in the country, particularly as there…

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QR code newspaper strategy keeps readers informed at a critical time

QR code newspaper - Barrie Advance Newspaper with QR Code feature

An Ontario, Canada news group is making information more accessible throughout the pandemic. While print readership was already shrinking, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis caused it to rapidly plummet, inspiring a QR code newspaper option for contactless local news. The goal of the quick response codes was to direct readers to digital options without the need for print. The Barrie, Ontario, Canada QR code newspaper scan provides readers simple and rapid access to important news and updates regarding COVID-19 and many more local topics that are relevant to the papers’ communities,…

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Canada launches COVID Alert app for contact tracing

COVID Alert app in App Store

The application was built using Google and Apple developed Exposure Notification API. Canada has released its official COVID Alert app to its public, which was built using the Exposure Notification API developed by Apple and Google. This same Exposure Notification API is also starting to gain traction in the US. The new application was released by Health Canada, allowing citizens to report positive test results. Health Canada is the country’s department in charge of federal health policy. It is overseen by the Minister of Health. Though it had intended to…

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