QR codes are yet untested in transit transfer slips

London mobile commerce train

That said, the technology is being considered with the hopes that it will not be a glitch process. The capital of Canada, Ottawa, is now considering QR codes to be added to their transit transfer slips in order to be able to stay ahead of the technology curve when it comes to their newly overhauled fare system. However, there are some people who have their doubts as a quick response code system is primarily untested. The fear is that if the Ottawa transit system goes to the length of employing…

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QR codes posted on CATA bus stops to will help commuters

QR codes at bus stops

Students with smartphones will have greater access to information. With the approach of the start of the fall semester, the Center Area Transportation Authority in Pennsylvania, has announced that it is making several mobile commerce efforts, including the use of QR codes displayed at bus stops. This is only one of several new mobile commerce features being launched by CATA. Riders can use the QR codes that have been added to the signage at the bus stops on the busiest CATA routes by scanning them with any smartphone. This will…

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QR code featured on the side of a UK bus

East Yorkshire Motor Services

East Yorkshire Motor Services is appealing to students with smartphones. In an effort to get more young people on the buses, East Yorkshire Motor Services Ltd. (EYMS) has announced that it has now fitted one of its buses with a massive QR code. This barcode is only one of many that are beginning to pop up throughout the country. However, until now, it has been quite rare to see them on the side of buses. The QR code is no stranger to commercial advertisements, but the sides of buses have…

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