QR codes can be used to call a U.K. cab

taxi qr codes mobile payments system

A new service has now been launched in Kent to allow consumers to hail a cab with their smartphones. The oldest and largest taxi company in Kent, England, Streamline LTD, has just launched a new service called Scan, Click & Go, which allows consumers to use QR codes and their smartphones to be able to call a cab when they need one. This service using mobile barcodes is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. It is designed to allow an easy scan of QR codes to book…

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QR codes added to West Berkshire planning application notices

qr codes plan application notices

The city council has chosen to use the barcodes to help people to find more information with their smartphones. The West Berkshire Council has just introduced a new use for QR codes within their city, which will allow people to look into planning applications for the streets by simply scanning the barcodes using their smartphones. These on street barcodes will be prominently displayed on the planning application notices. The city has already been posting the planning application notices that are bright orange in color, to help people to be able…

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QR code war memorials officially unveiled by the Duke of Kent

QR code memorial - HRH Duke of Kent Prince Edward

Smartphone friendly barcodes have been added to help visitors to learn more about WWI One hundred memorials in the United Kingdom have been outfitted with a special QR code to help visitors to learn more about the first World War through the use of their smartphones. The barcodes are meant to be scanned by the public to learn about the history of those who lost their lives. The memorials are designed to help the public to remember the service personnel who gave their lives in World War I, but the…

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QR codes scanned by 3.3 million consumers in the United Kingdom

Scan QR Codes Statistics

The second quarter of 2012 showed tremendous popularity for the mobile barcodes. The latest study regarding the QR code scanning behaviors of smartphone users has revealed that the second quarter of this year was a busy one in the United Kingdom. The research indicated that well over 3 million British consumers used their mobile devices for a scan. The survey was conducted by comScore and involved the participation of 15,000 people in the United Kingdom. The results showed that 11.4 percent of the smartphone using population of the country scanned…

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QR code featured on the side of a UK bus

East Yorkshire Motor Services

East Yorkshire Motor Services is appealing to students with smartphones. In an effort to get more young people on the buses, East Yorkshire Motor Services Ltd. (EYMS) has announced that it has now fitted one of its buses with a massive QR code. This barcode is only one of many that are beginning to pop up throughout the country. However, until now, it has been quite rare to see them on the side of buses. The QR code is no stranger to commercial advertisements, but the sides of buses have…

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